In this third unit, teachers and students will be taken through a cultural journey, taking a closer look at Quebec City’s founding, geography and military history. Download the free ebook and receive 14 activities for your classroom. Each activity has been designed with the tours in mind, so that students can prepare and make the most out of their educational travel experience.

For each unit, we have identified the specific curriculum links. We have also integrated the four components of the French Immersion program:

  1. Appreciation of the French Language and of Cultural Diversity;
  2. Listening and Oral Expression;
  3. Reading and Viewing;
  4. Writing and Representing.

Download the free ebook and get fourteen activities!

  • Activity 1 – Establishing a new settlement, but where?
  • Activity 2 – Jacques Cartier arrives in Stadaconé
  • Activity 3 – Who was Samuel de Champlain?
  • Activity 4 – Les Remparts de Québec
  • Activity 5 – Test your knowledge!
  • Activity 6 – Dictée!
  • Activity 7 – The harsh life of a typical colonist
  • Activity 8 – 17th century colonial powers
  • Activity 9 – The Martello Towers
  • Activity 10 – Strengthening the city with the Citadelle de Québec
  • Activity 11 – Snakes and Ladders: revisited version to test your knowledge!
  • Activity 12 – Web activity: What will you see on tour?
  • Activity 13 – Hymne à Québec
  • Activity 14 – Post-tour activity