Winter Magic

In this third unit, we will take you and your students on a winter adventure, discovering all that this beautiful time of year has to offer! First, exploring the wonderful world of Carnivals around the world, we will take a closer look at the interrelations between wintertime and culture, focussing on Quebec City’s very own Winter Carnival.

Download the free ebook and receive 13 activities for your classroom. Each activity has been designed with the tours in mind, so that students can prepare and make the most out of their educational travel experience.

For each unit, we have identified the specific curriculum links. We have also integrated the four components of the French Immersion program:

  1. Appreciation of the French Language and of Cultural Diversity;
  2. Listening and Oral Expression;
  3. Reading and Viewing;
  4. Writing and Representing.

Download the free ebook and get fourteen activities!

  • Activity 1 – What is a Carnival?
  • Activity 2 – Taking a closer look at Carnival competitions and contests
  • Activity 3 – What characterizes the Quebec City Winter Carnival?
  • Activity 4 – Mots croisés du Carnaval
  • Activity 5 – Sing along the Winter Carnival song!
  • Activity 6 – What is the difference between a Carnival and a Festival?
  • Activity 7 – A bit of world geography!
  • Activity 8 – Winter traditions and influence on culture
  • Activity 9 – Winter traditions in your community
  • Activity 10 – Winter magic in music!
  • Activity 11 – Meeting the challenges for a sustainable future
  • Activity 12 – Web activity: What will you see on tour?
  • Activity 13 – Post-tour activity